Psst! Wanna buy a Relic?

We’ve been so busy planning upcoming content that we haven’t had time to really sit down and record… But here’s a special mini episode we made because we absolutely had to tell you about an intriguing Australian RPG that is currently on Kickstarter.

We had the chance to have a chat with Steve Darlington (Steve Dee) from Tin Star Games, an industry design veteran and all round top bloke about his new Role Playing Games – Relics – A Game of Angels. If you like immersive worlds rich that are rich with lore, then this one is for you!
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Episode 2 – Deck The Halls!

Jarrod makes his way out of the stormy swamp that is Sydney and brings the humid, stormy weather with him straight to Hobart.  We finally get a chance to get Clank! out of the room of shame and then throw around some Dragonfire and talk a bit about our favourite Deck Building games.  Our PAXAUS interviews continue, this time talking to Matthew Radcliffe and Sean Fenemore of Savage Yeti Games about their new game “The Stars Align”.